For me, it’s all diet. That’s the good thing about being up here in the hills. I just had sardines, some brown rice and an apple. It’s not because I love that; it’s what’s available. Fish, eggs, some can of tuna, protein shakes. If I can get the sardines, the eggs, and some kind of chicken or something later on; if I get those 3 things in a day, or just another can of tuna, and I hit 3 protein shakes, I’m covered.

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I LIKE TO DO 10, 10, 10 AND 10

I like to do 10, 10, 10 and 10, which means I’ll either sprint on the treadmill for 10 minutes, do the stairmaster for 10 minutes, do the stepmill for 10 minutes, and the rowing machine; do any combination in a row. 10, 10, 10 and 10, because you can’t sit on one thing for 20 minutes. I mean, some people can, but I can’t. I can push hard for 10, jump to another machine, 10 there, 10 there, and call it a day.


I do a push/pull kind of method. Let’s just say I do chest, right? I do chest, but with anything that I do, in other words, if I do 4 sets of inclines with dumbbells, I superset it with something; with a plyometric pushup or with some kind of situp, just to keep the heart rate tagging. Then I do like a 30-second stand-still jump, you know, just stand still and jumping, jumping, jumping, catch your breath, relax for 30 seconds and then bang, hit it out.

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Bob threatened to have Julio sit

Everything that comes out of Bob’s mouth is completely untrue and it’s a lie. The truth of the matter is that Bob put a 2-fight extension in the contract as a condition to Julio fighting on June 16th, and that was supposed to be for free, for nothing; he just threw it in there. Not to mention, it’s actually 15 months before his contract with Top Rank is even up. Why would he do something like that just for free? And if he didn’t sign that extension, Bob threatened to have Julio sit.

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Amir doing Skype interview

Chavez is going to start training 10 weeks out

I’ll be back the third week of April. Chavez will be starting camp shortly after that. He’s doing a 10-week camp. He’ll be starting training a little bit early. Right now it’s still undecided whether or not Chavez will be training in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. I think I’ve convinced him to train in Los Angeles because logisitcally, it’s just better for us. You know, everything that I do is in Los Angeles. But Chavez is going to start training 10 weeks out for this fight

I leave Wednesday for the Philippines

I leave Wednesday for the Philippines to start training Manny Pacquiao. Manny wants to start training on the 26th. I’ll be leaving Wednesday night to start that.

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